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3 Easy Methods To Free Netflix Account Generator 2021 :

Netflix has turned out to be one of the biggest platforms for watching movies and the latest tv series. And for using its services you must pay a hefty membership fee monthly. But for many people these plans cost too much and they are out of their affordability area. So, for people like them there are many other ways that they can use to watch all the premium content on Netflix for free. And in this article, you will find some of the methods that you can use for the purpose of Free Netflix Account Generator 2021.

Netflix Premium Account

Method 1: Use google pay

If anyone has used Netflix before then they know that it provides a 1-month free trial. But for doing that you need to enter your credit/debit card information during registration process. To get free unlimited trial all you need to do is create multiple g-mail accounts and use them when period of previous one is expired. And in the payment options just select pay via google pay. You can follow below listed steps for doing it.

  • Firstly, create your account on google.
  • Then select google pay for the subscription.
  • You can add a credit/debit card payment option in google pay.
  • After that install the Netflix app and select the plan that you want to subscribe to. In payment options just select google pay.

By using google pay method Netflix won’t be able to store your card details. Netflix does not allow the use of one card again and again. But using this method they are only able to store your g-mail id. So, you can create limitless ids and use them for Netflix Premium Account Hack 2020.

Method 2: Use stolen Netflix id and password

You can use this method but at your own risk. There are many hackers out there that some or other way manage to get their hands-on credentials of gullible users. And these hackers than put up these credentials for sale on numerous websites. You can search the internet for the websites where these hackers put these credentials on sale and you can buy them from there.

But there is no guarantee that these credentials are going to work so buy them at your own risk.

Method 3: Use fake cards

This is another method through which you can get unlimited free-trial. There are many websites on the internet that provide fake credit/debit card details. All you need to do is, just log to anyone of these websites and generate free fake credit card details. After getting your fake credit card details, all you now need to do is just complete the registration process in the usual way. This is one of the best methods for netflix account hack

There are many more ways that you can use to hack Netflix account. But before proceeding with any methods you should know that if somehow Netflix finds you suspicious than they can easily ban your account. So, it is best to choose a method which will arouse less suspicion.

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